(Pronounced Hoooga)

On Saturday, February 29th we will be hosting our 4th annual Hygge evening, from 6-9 pm here at the Pioneer Museum, 100 2nd Ave SW. This tradition started for us in 2017 when Kathy Trana, the former Director of the McKenzie County Library, contacted me about collaborating together to cohost an evening of Hygge. Of coarse, always ready for a party, I quickly agreed to try it out. It was a hit and has been every year since.

Hygge is basically a lifestyle. The word, Hygge simply means; comfort, cozy, laughter, food, a good book or magazine, candles, fireplace (if you have one) and friendship. This concept comes from the country of Denmark. When “they” whoever that is, talked with the people of Denmark it was discovered that they are very happy, pleasant people, even with Denmark being a such a dreary place to live. Of coarse it revolves largely around food, the universal language amongst all cultures, friendship, wine, coffee, any hot beverage, candles, board games, laughter, music and of coarse a fireplace further adds to the charm.

We enjoy hosting this evening during the “dog days” of winter. Up here in the north, the cold days and the long hours of darkness, can really get to a person, especially if you’re stuck in a camper or apartment and new to the area. I love living in a land where most of the locals are from the Scandinavian Countries and I especially love that these folks still know how to make the incredibly delicious meals of hot soup, bread and desserts! I love how these people love to visit with one another, I love how when it would possibly be easier to stay home, these wonderful people are willing to trek outdoors on a cold winter night! I love the Hygge Lifestyle!

As folks arrive, they come in with happy smiles in anticipation for a fun filled evening. This year we are collaborating with the Watford Rec & Kid Stop Program, over at the Rough Rider Center, 2209 Wolves Den parkway, for an evening of Kids Hygge as well. While the children must be 3+ and potty trained, they will get to play, make new friends, and have Hygge type food as well. Jessie Veeder will be joining us here at the museum from 7-8 while she sings and shares stories from her “Coming Home” book (that I have yet to read, it makes me cry even in the introduction) and food GALORE! SCANDINAVIAN FOOD, made by true Norwegians, Swedes and me (I’m Scandinavian at heart). Oh and don’t forget the door prizes, provided by Barrett Pharmacy & Variety! If you’re wanting to try out a new wine, the Long X Bottle Shop will be hosting a Wine Tasting evening along with us.

We won’t have a fire roaring but we will have candles, food, laughter, music, board games & friendships old and ready to make new. Won’t you please join us?

Blessings to all of you!


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