Hygge is a cozy pulling together but also a state of mind where Danes just know the weather is horrible but they still make the best of it. So why not fill the home with friends & family, light some candles, bake some cookies and sit around the fireplace.

10 ways to create Hygge at home

1.) Make interior design important to you and your family. avoid being a pack rat, decorate with intention and style.

2.) Don’t wing it or buy something just because it’s on sale. Don’t be wasteful, think about what you want or need and shop with intent.

3.) Instill a sense of respect in your children for the home and the things in it. Contain kid’s messes to the their space, rooms. Don’t let kids run the household, teach them to care for their belongings. This will carry on into their adulthood.

4.) Always ask your guests upon entering, if they want food or drink. Its a great way to show manners but its also caring and warm.

5.) Linger, this is hard for most Americans. We often clean up our guests plates as soon as they finish their meal. Lingering affords time to relax and unwind, have deeper conversations and enjoy the moment.

6.) Enjoy what you have. The grass is always greener. A Hygge home is greenest to the owner.

7.) Perfect is boring. A simple wooden bread board topped with cheeses, some olives. fresh bread, butter and a glass of wine. Or maybe a piece of your favorite cake that doesn’t look all that amazing but tastes great.

8.) Sharing is caring. A true Hygge home says “yes” when guests offer to help. Community and sharing!

9.) Light candles and cozy up! Candles instantly create “a mood.”

10.) Embrace who you are! Embrace that you are truly human and deserve to take time out of each day just to have some tea, read a few chapters of a good book, some yoga, whatever works. This is very Hygge!

Information taken from Holly Becker, D├ęcor 8 blog.

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