As Thanksgiving 2019 quietly ascends on us, it gives us time to reflect on all that we are thankful for. Thank you to the families of those that have donated their precious belongings of their forefathers so we can display them in our exhibits. Thank you to the ladies that started the “Pioneer Museum of McKenzie County” in the very beginning and how you had the foresight to know that this was needed to tell the stories of the strong people of this county.

We are so thankful for those that have helped us with our sometimes crazy ideas, our helpers just gladly jump in! We had over 500 hundred kids come through here in the last year for school field trips! We could never do those alone! The kiddos love to come here and learn all about “The Island Empire of McKenzie County.” They enjoy learning about the brave men and women that came here to blaze the trails that we now enjoy as paved roads. The kiddos love to listen to the stories of the lives of children and what their worlds must have been like. It is so fun to teach them about the Long X Trail and where it began and where it ended, or to teach them about doing the “simple” task of washing laundry, ironing, and bread & butter making.

Thank you to those that came in and helped us during the summer with bus tours and summer events that we held, thank you to all the cooks that happily bring in their baked goods for our holiday events. Thank you to those that come in and help us with deep cleaning. Thank you to the ladies that will come in sometimes at a moments notice to pitch in and run the store.

Thank you to the people of McKenzie County, for taking the time out of your busy schedules to come in and learn about the strong Heritage of your neighbors. The saying, “it takes a village,” is definitely the correct term to use when it comes to something as beautiful as this awesome museum!

Thank you!

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