Grandma’s “Receet” for Washing Clothes

Years ago a Kentucky grandmother gave a new bride the following “Receet” for washing clothes. It appears below just the way it was written and despite the spelling has a bit of philosophy.

  1. Bilt fire in backyard to heet kettle of rain water.
  2. Set tubs so smoke won’t blow in eyes if wind is pert.
  3. Shave a hole cake lie soap in bilin’ water.
  4. Sort things, make 3 piles, 1 pile white, 1 pile cullord, 1 pile work britches and rags.
  5. Stir flour in cold water to smooth, then thin down with bilin’ water starch.
  6. Rub dirty spots on board, scrub hard, then bile. Rub collord, don’t bile, just rench and starch.
  7. Take white thing our of kettle with broom stick handle, the rench, blew and starch.
  8. Spread towels on grass.
  9. Hang “ol rags on fence.
  10. Pour rench water on flour beds.
  11. Scrub poarch with hot soapy water.
  12. Turn tubs upside down.
  13. Go put on clean dress, smooth hair with side combs, brew up cup of tee, set and rest and rock a spell and county blessin’s.

Hang this above your automatic washer and when things look bleak, read it again!

This exhibit is located upstairs in our museum. It creates the strong urge to say “thank you” to the genius that created the automatic washer & dryer!

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