Wea. Very warm, slight west wind Ther.+20,+58,+30

We are getting so short of oats, that it was absolutely necessary for us to obtain a fresh supply. Emil has his deceased brother’s shack filled with oats, so we made up our minds to buck through the dreadful school section and Cleveland’s flat. We selected the heaviest and strongest horses and took two shovels along. However we managed to plunge through without causing mishap until we struck the coulee east of Billie’s place. Here we stopped our team, picked up our shovels, and made the snow fly for about half an hour until we had completed a nice trench through which the horse could easily make their way. We had to load the oats with a bucket, since they were piled high under the eaves of the house. We had quite a hard pull in some places on the way home. In the school section the snow was so deep that our horses could just break through, while near our shack there was no snow what so ever. Ed Greene came riding up just as we drove on to the place, and he stayed for supper. He got his shotgun, which we had all winter and brought two letter for Nettie Green Howard (77), which had been put into his mailbox. Shortly after he left Mr. Howard came over. He has shaven his entire beard, and I hardly recognized him. He stayed till about 3:30 AM playing Rumdum.

(77) Her name was actually Nettie Green. She was Delia Howard’s daughter from her prior marriage. Nettie, Eva, and Lucille Green, Delia’s daughters, are mentioned frequently in this diary.

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