Monday January 31, 1916

Wea. N.W. Wind, as usual Ther. -18,-20,-37

These ding-busted McKenzie Co. winds get my goat. So far there has hardly been a day on which we did not have a storm. We are running might short of hay, and if this weather doesn’t let up soon, our horses will be up against it. In spite of the storm, Harold Lillibridge (61) was over to-day. He had gone out to fetch the mail, but he did not dare to turn back home, so he drifted along with the storm until he struck our shack. His visit was a pleasing break in the monotony of the winter days, so he received a hearty welcome. Towards the evening the wind did down, as usual, so Harold went home, and I chased the horses to the spring. Emil is feeling pretty bum, but he was up again to-day. I stayed up late trying to get the cabin warm, before I hit the hay.

(61 The Lillibridge family still resides in the area today.)

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