Wea. Very windy Ther. -12,-8,-16

As usual, we got up very late. For over a week there has been a steady North west wind, which makes it very disagreeable outside. The loose snow has all been piled up in drifts, so that there is not much danger of a blizzard.

We had to get some straw for the horses today, so we hitched up “Mac” and “Beauty” to the rack. After watering them we drove up to the straw pile at the eastern end of Bellin’s land. The snowdrifts were so deep that we could not drive close to the stack. and the wind was so that I froze my nose again. Freezing my face is becoming an everyday affair, and causes only mild interest for me. I wrote letters to Ban Janssen, also an order to Davis for Altar wine.

Pg 56, “Called to the Prairie”

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